Jags making spectacular last minute plays

Last weeks Hail Mary by Thomas and this weeks  Jones-Drew’s 75 yard rush.  All last minute plays.  The plays are what football is made of nothing but pure tactic, skill and athleticism.  Jones-Drew was dodging, defending and running like he had a game to win.  Jones-Drew unstoppable, finding holes and running past the bewildered Browns to reach the end zone, only one yard shy of a touchdown.  Jones-Drew didn’t stop there, he went on to finish what he started, two plays later it was Touchdown Jacksonville.
Jacksonville takes another victory making spectacular plays, giving a boost to the fans and showing the NFL that they know about football.
Will Jacksonville be heading for the Playoffs? All I can say is
“don’t leave the game early” Jags wins are in the last few minutes of game time.

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  1. This is what I always try to tell the on again/off again fans out there. It’s easy to love your team when they win but we need to love them just as much when we lose. Last week’s Loss to NYG was hard to take and I was actually stunned because it was a game we were clearing winning. Head Coach Tom Coughlin must have stirred some up at half time because 2nd half was all New York. But…. you got to stick up for your team.

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