Can you be in the number one spot on Google?

I am observing some changes in the way Google operates their page rankings.
In the age of customization, Google is slowly changing its algorithms to ensure that being number one on the home page is growing depending on what you are searching and looking for.

As I see it, Google is now taking all the demographics, customizations, likes and dislikes into consideration for rankings.  They have even gone as far as introducing Face Book into the rankings for its advertising campaigns.

Everything you do online is captured by Google, whom you search for, what products you use, what city you are in and how many friends you correspond with on a daily bases.  Everything you do on line is captured.

Google is compiling that information to introduce to you products and services that you may be interested in viewing.

What does this mean? It means that Googles home page will be different for every user, as you log on to the internet your compiled information will be used to offer you the goods and services that you seek based on the demographics and other information that has been gathered about you.

Search Engine Optimization will change, you may not show up on Googles generic homepage, since generic is going away, leading to customization of your searches.

The complications of SEO will change, companies will no longer be able to dominate a generic home page, rather they will be redirected to specific markets based on user searches.

Your pay per click will display based on the demographics of the end user.  Those that are paying thousands of dollars for SEO will have to be even savvier to find those demographics for the products or services that they are selling.

SEO is a huge market, many companies specialize in desperately trying to get a company to the number one spot on Google. The market breakouts will ensure better services and more value to those that are searching.

Google has now introduced another SEO ranking based on activity from Face Book.  As Google defines and redefines its market, it has changes the SEO functionality.

Google has also introduced site loading, you will be ranked lower in SEO if your site takes too long to load.  Google is approaching a fast and appropriate content to the end user philosophy.

The question is can you be number 1 on Googles home page? The answer is yes! Can you be number 1 on everyone’s Google home page? The answer is NO.

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