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Google’s 2010 Christmas Logo

Google posted its new 2010 Christmas Logo on the 23rd of December, it was displayed till December 25.  The logo features 17 images from around the world.  The images pop up to a bigger size when hovered on. The images were difficult to assess.  They appeared colorful and artsy. But I was disappointed in them, they seemed to have no rhyme or reason.  The layout in the usual Google fashion spelled Google, (kind of) if you squint and turn your monitor upside down.  The details of the logo are reportedly to have been started  in July of 2010, spending 250 man hours between five different “doodle” designers to  start  the 17 interactive images that make up this year’s Google celebration logo. It seems amazing to have so much time and effort spent on something that was lost on me; I tried to see “what the big effort was about” but couldn’t find it.  Did I miss something? I hovered on all of them, but failed to tell where they were all from.  Was this the great holiday season greeting?  I wondered if  I was the only one lost on the design and layout. I am usually very excited about the Google Doodles, but this one left me very perplexed.

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Let the buyer beware…

Our company has gotten several contracts to fix issues that were started by a “fake it till they make it” scheme Continue reading

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Jags doing it again…

Jags, making big plays Continue reading

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