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Jags making spectacular last minute plays

Last weeks Hail Mary by Thomas and this weeks  Jones-Drew’s 75 yard rush.  All last minute plays.  The plays are what football is made of nothing but pure tactic, skill and athleticism.  Jones-Drew was dodging, defending and running like he had a game to win.  Jones-Drew unstoppable, finding holes and running past the bewildered Browns to reach the end zone, only one yard shy of a touchdown.  Jones-Drew didn’t stop there, he went on to finish what he started, two plays later it was Touchdown Jacksonville. Jacksonville takes another victory making spectacular plays, giving a boost to the fans and showing the NFL that they know about football. Will Jacksonville be heading for the Playoffs? All I can say is “don’t leave the game early” Jags wins are in the last few minutes of game time.

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Hail Mary, Jaguars Touchdown

Jacksonville, Jaguars make a comeback.  One of the most exciting games in Jaguars history.  Mike Thomas catches hail Mary from David Garrard in the Texan Vs Jaguars game.  I watched the game it was a battle of warriors, both teams played hard.  It was an interesting game from kickoff.  Both teams tying for most of the game.  The first half the Texans had all the right moves, but moving into the second half of the game the Jaguars stepped up the plays.  The Jags missed two field goals and the Texans fumbled the ball, it was anyone’s guess as to how the game would end.  But no one guessed a Hail Mary from Garrard and Thomas, and what a win.  Unbelievable the Jags made it first Hail Mary in Jaguars history.  The Jags did what few teams could do,  pull off a Hail Mary.  QB Garrard, really showed Jax and the team what he is made of, could I get any more prouder of the team? Hail, No.  This team has proved to me that they are a worthy team and anyone that missed that game, missed an opportunity to witness the final battle of the field warriors.  Will I watch the next game, Hail Yeah!

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Happy Guy Fawkes

Happy Guy Fawkes Continue reading

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