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How important is your image?

Should you “look” a certain way for your clients, techies tend to “dress down” marketing tends to “dress up” How important is your image? If you look like you are a million dollars do you come off as unaffordable to your clients?

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Are you Hurricane Ready?

 The hurricane season is almost over, but the Atlantic is still very active. Is your hurricane plan in place? Are your servers secure from a hurricane attack? Some things to think about, when a hurricane is approaching it is a scramble to get everything in place, there is no time for preparation.  Now its time to act! Do you know which way you are heading, down south? Up north?  How will your business survive? Are your important documents easily accessible? Does your company have a call tree in place for communications between employees?  Now is the time to implement a hurricane plan, once a hurricane approaches it is too late to scramble to put everything in place.  A business can help themselves by implementing a hurricane plan.  Don’t get caught in distress, know what to do, before it happens.  For more information log on to:

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Does your web development team have 25 years of experience?

I have seen a lot of posts on LinkedIn lately where various providers proudly proclaim their many years of experience when trying to pursuade people to choose their services over all the other ones out there. 25 years seems to be the average reported. But what, exactly, do they have 25 years experience doing? 25 years ago… let’s set the wayback machine to 1985. OJ Simpson won the Heismann, and the Breakfast Club was playing in theaters. Having a computer in your home was still pretty rare, and those who communicated did so with modems on dial up, and the speeds weren’t all that fast. Sure, I guess there are some people running around who can say they worked for DARPA, and actually DO have 25 years experience on the Internet, if you count the Internet before it WAS the Internet, back before there was such a thing as the Information Superhighway… back before there was a World Wide Web… before Google… before Yahoo… The Internet didn’t really start to kick in until the early 90′s, and even then, it took a little while before it became the powerful tool that it is today. When people talk about their “experience”, what are they really talking about? Hey, if you want to get really liberal about it, I have tons of experience at graphic design. I used to LOVE crayons. How much experience do you have? A lifetime’s worth. How much should you claim? Hmmm… that’s another question. How much should you accept from the person … Continue reading

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